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Legend of a Heart

She always thought of him with his first and last name.

It wasn’t a formality, it was his identity
An identity of a person, or a persona, tucked away into memories of the past
Before foxes spoiled the vine
He wasn’t just Jon. He was Jon Burke, himself.
Have you heard?
He wasn’t rich, or famous, but if they wrote a story about us, they would be sure to include him.
Rarely present in her daily life, Fortune’s Fool was ever a shadow in the back of her mind
An unfinished, hardly begun love story. Or so they say.

Jon Burke was a ladies man- even when he wasn’t
Like Greene’s perfect Rake, he liked to be needed by a woman, and he knew how to give the kind of affection that accomplished this
Not considering the consequences of his magnetic field being strong
She was captivated, in spite of herself, and it is this writer’s opinion that she both never forgave him for that, and loved him all the more for it
But such was the heart of a woman in the wake of Jon Burke. Or so they say.

There was a time when the two had met that some of us thought she’d tame him
He was wild at heart, and perhaps at everything, but she was equally so
And each longed- this writer thinks- for a love that could keep them. Have you heard?
Jon Burke wanted this one.
Or so they say.

Theirs was as spontaneous and inconvenient as a love could be
He was a quick, fervent and raging fire, the lightning that struck the chestnut tree
But that was Jon Burke
She was Just; a red lip, classic thing with molasses strings that drove him mad
For she knew they stumble that run fast
She already had another, and that’s what made her go. Or so they say.

The moon waxed and waned, and birds flew south,
And the shine of the song turned to rust in our hearts
As rumors become legend, and legend was forgotten.
Only Miss Calypso knows why still she sings.
None but the trees in the orchard stood waiting for Jon Burke’s return
On one civil night
When he would sweep her up
And they would resume a page on the story that never had an ending
An unfinished, hardly begun love story. Have you heard?
He wrote her, they said
More than once, with his name on the letterhead-
Jon Burke.

She always thought of him with his first and last name.