Society Really Fucks Girls Up. I’m Just Saying.


I wrote this on Facebook today and I realized it was kind of important. I especially think it is important from a parenting standpoint because it was my parents who were the harshest critics of my clothing choices. Especially my dad, who perceives the world from a standard male-in-a-patriarchal-society kind of way. I actually think he still doesn’t realize that women don’t see the world as overtly sexual as men do. He thought I knew exactly what dressing like that meant, which is why he probably thought it was perfectly acceptable to be angry with me.

I’m not sure whether my mom felt the response was acceptable or not, but I do know that she didn’t want anyone judging her parenting or our home by my “inappropriate” clothing. This sent me the message that what other people thought was more important than the truth. An equally damaging concept.

2 thoughts on “Society Really Fucks Girls Up. I’m Just Saying.

  1. Roger

    Hi Sarah
    I absolutely agree that a patriarchal model for society encourages girls to feel overly conscious and critical of their bodies. There is also a tendency for girls to want to please men via their bodies and this is exacerbated by men approaching girls as if they own them or their bodies-again both, I believe, a result of patriarchy.
    Unfortunately i don’t think there will be any mass change until we move away from disproportionate, materialistic goals and towards more evolved, social minded, compassionate priorities ie humanitarian reform, ecology and promotion of self knowledge/spiritual evolution etc. I think patriarchy inherently prioritises power and domination rather than wisdom and compassion.
    Any thoughts?


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