Hair Update

Still using my baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and coconut oil. It really works!



5 thoughts on “Hair Update

  1. Sabina

    Hey there! Great blog so much useful information!
    I wanted to try this hair routine but I’m unsure of how to incorporate the coconut oil? Do I put it in after the apple cider vinegar rinse?
    And also, do you use any sort of hair product afterwards? I have slightly damaged hair and I’m just worried about the frizz or possibly ugly texture of not using hair product?

    Thanks so much!

  2. Ginny

    Hi! I have the same questions as Sabina, but I had just one more. You said that you use coconut oil about once a month and have to use some sort of cleanser to get it out. I was wondering what I should use after the coconut oil?

  3. Sara

    Hi, I used to wash my face with baking soda and found that it had a bleaching effect on my eyebrows (I have dark brown hair). Did you find that using baking soda to wash your hair lightened it in any way?

  4. Alexis Lange

    Do you straighten your hair/Use any other products aside from natural shampoo to get the coconut oil out?


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