Words Unspoken

Words Unspoken.

My baby. You’re so beautiful to me. Everything about you makes me want you. I worry that other people will think that too… But why shouldn’t they? Anybody should see that in you. You’re so much of what I’d like to be. To know. To have. To call mine.

My baby. Is love blind? Or are you really so flawless? Your messy hair and scruffy beard.. They make me laugh. You look so good no matter what you do. Your weight goes down and you’re so sexy. Your weight goes up and you’re so sexy. I laugh again, because you think it makes a difference. You’re beautiful, baby.

My baby. How is it that I have found someone who can see and understand even the dustiest corners of my mixed-up soul? You can somehow clear the dust, knowingly, lovingly, and I finally get a glimpse of who I am.

My baby. You’re a shot of some poison, you weaken me and bring me to my knees. Half alive, I come back for another hit; you alone can quench the thirst that you’ve left me with. You’re a drug that I crave; you take me so high I can’t breathe. I crash and you watch me fall.. I vow I won’t give you the satisfaction of watching me surrender my pride for more. But I must concede. I am yours.

My baby. I am yours. I’ve fought it from the start, I fight it still. Oh, let me tire and fall into your embrace, where you’ve been waiting all along. I’d love to be yours, truly and wholly. I’m stubborn, I’m careful, I’m scared- be patient with me. If you couldn’t break me, I wouldn’t be so difficult. Oh, put away all your armor and weapons, so I can be sure I won’t be broken. Say the word, my love, and I’ll put away mine too… they’ve been getting so heavy.

My baby. Be mine. Who else will hold your hands like I do, memorizing every crease and crevice? Who else could hug you like I do, sinking in to every embrace, soaking up your warmth? Who else would kiss you like I do, loving every bit of skin my lips get to touch? I just can’t trust anyone else to love you like I do. Be mine, baby, so I won’t have to.

My baby. These are words unspoken. Yet words unspoken are no less real because I haven’t spoken them. These words unspoken are no less mine because you didn’t hear them from my lips. I hide these words unspoken in my heart, behind my eyes, and in every touch we share. I wish you could know, my baby. That you’re so beautiful to me. Everything about you makes me want you.


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